Reproduction Replica JAP Engine Parts.

A list of reproduction replica JAP V- twin engine pattern parts is available on request including the following parts,

Cylinder heads - JTOR, KTOR, LTOW, LTOWZ, LTOW rocker box, MK2 (alloy).

Cylinder Barrels - JTOR, KTOR, LTOWZ, Mk1 / 2 (alloy) engines & DTZ OHV conversion.

Crankcases - JTOR, LTOW, LTOWZ, Mk2 engines.

Timing Covers - JTOR , LTOW, LTOWZ & MK2 engines.

Rocker Shafts - Dog-ear 50 & 60 degree, Mk2 engines.

Cam FollowersJTOR, KTOR, LTOWZ, LTOW, DTZ, Mk2 alloy engines.

Magneto Covers - Rectangular and "D" shape. 

Latest News

NEW! Air Cooled "JTOR / KTOR" spec rocker box type cylinder head castings are now available. Can be used as an alternative to standard "dog -ear" type cylinder heads.